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it all started with an idea...

scout guide-09.jpg idea that what we enjoy with friends, family, or by ourselves, should not only be delicious in its taste, but clean in how it's made.

And so, our owner & founder, Mariah Standing began her mission to create an organic line of spirits that celebrates the natural flavors of the earth – a line of spirits she could be proud of.

Filtered with coral that's sourced with our environment in mind, flavored with natural products, & made with certified organic corn, Waterman Spirits is a new drinking experience uniquely made for you.


Natural Flavors

Waterman Spirits was made with the mission of celebrating the natural flavors found in Mother Nature, not covering them up.

Our line of spirits is intended to be enjoyed with freshly-squeezed fruit, light bubbly beverages, and natural sweeteners like agave or raw simple syrups.*

*But we have a soft spot for dirty martinis, mudslides, and anything else that satisfies our cocktail craving – we don't judge.

Organic Ingredients

We made our vodka with 100% organic corn to create a gluten-free spirit that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Simple ingredients that contain fewer pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives so your next cocktail tastes perfect every time.

Coral filtered

Our coral filtration process raises the pH level of our vodka for a cleaner, smoother tasting spirit.

The coral we use is sourced with our environment in mind. It doesn't come from living coral and doesn't harm beach or reef ecosystems.
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